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A Sunday funday quick note

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Good Day,

I hope you are enjoying this much needed gloomy Sunday (it has been dry as a bone here in the Twin Cities for about 3 weeks). I just want to drop a quick update note on here, so this will be brief.

In short the Autumn Brew Review was incredible, (here is the program to peruse) thoroughly enjoyed it and had much delicious local and national craft beer. I will be doing a full rundown for my post this week on Wednesday (likely at night) so be sure to check that out.

In the mean time I will upload some of the photos that I took over the weekend. Check out my new flickr account for the pictures. Also, if you want a little bird on your shoulder tweeting about craft beer, follow me on twitter by clicking the icon at the top left of this page. One last bit of shameless social media self promotion (but hey, how else are people going to hear about good beer news unless it’s available in many forms) you can find and “like” my facebook page by searching for “brightbeer” and once I get enough fans I can get a username to create a direct link.

The twitter and facebook accounts will contain links to blog postings as well as bits that are unique to each outlet, so there will be some variety.

Thanks for checking in and I hope that you had a great weekend and were able to do some “homework” (reference previous post). Let me know if you had any especially delicious brews or if you were at the ABR as well, I’d love to know what you thought of it.

Until Wednesday.



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