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This Week’s Post: History and Reviews from Schell’s Brewery!

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This Week’s Post: History and Reviews from Schell’s Brewery!


I hope the weekend treated you well and you were able to enjoy some tasty beer. It was quite a busy weekend for me, venturing out to the Surly Brewery on Friday (Darkness Day eve) night to mingle with some of the most dedicated, jolly, and experienced craft beer folks I have ever met, and then touring the Schell’s Brewery on Sunday. The tour provided the inspiration for this week’s post. I will be going over the rich and lengthy history of one of the great American breweries while also sampling and reviewing some of their beers.

This will be the second feature in ‘The Local Mash’ series, focusing on local Minnesota breweries (the first being Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company, see earlier post), and you are in for a treat. I will be posting pictures from the tour and spending some time breaking down their newest (delicious!) release from their ‘Stag Series’, the Burton Ale.

Schell's Stag Series #4: Burton Ale

On another exciting local brewing note, Fulton Beerdebuted their first bottles today and will be doing tasting events throughout the city until Thursday. They released Sweet Child of Vine and Lonely Blonde in 6-packs to area beer/liquor stores, so get out and be amongst the first to enjoy their very tasty offerings in bottles (you will definitely be hearing about these guys from me in the future).

Lonely Blonde

Sweet Child of Vine













Only one more week until Surly Darkness is released to retail stores (to much fervor)! Until then, I hope to sate your thirst with my musings on Schell’s Brewery this Thursday. I look forward to seeing you then!

Drink Well!


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